Solar Hot Water Heating
  Eclipse Solar hot water systems can save you 80 to 90% of your annual water heating needs. Nearly 1/3 of the average electric bill is devoted to heating water. Solar hot water is the most widely used green energy technology and is the most cost effective solar appliance you can buy, making the most impact on your energy expenses as stated by the Fla. Solar Energy Center. State of the art componants, professionally installed by Eclipse Solar will provide you with years of worry free service.
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The system diagram to the right depicts only one type of solar hot water system
available today. Some are controlled by a differential temperature
controller and sensors. Residential systems are generally 80 gal. for up to 4 people and 120 gal. systems for 6 or more. Solar hot water heating in Florida can be accomplished with a direct exchange system where by the water in the storage tank is circulated through the collector directly. Because of our climate, we don't require closed loop systems with heat exchangers and or drain back systems. These systems are not as efficient and are much more costly. The purpose of these designs are primarily freeze protection and are installed in colder climates.
 A free energy analysis by Eclipse Solar will determine what is best for you, our solar hot water systems are simple and cost effective...............

There is also Money Waiting for You in Florida!
There are substantial federal income tax credits (30% of the cost of a solar hot water system) and State of Florida rebates ($500 for a system) for the installation of solar systems in Florida. These combine to offer a considerable buy-down for a solar water heating system.

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