Eclipse Solar Mission Statement
Solar heating systems in Florida are nothing new. With abundant sunshine, it made perfect sense for heating water in 1920's Miami. What was once old is now new again. High fossil fuel costs in the 70's stimulated the industry as well as federal tax credits in the 80's. It became popular to save money and do some good for our planet earth. In the mid 80's, the Reagan administration, the petroleum lobby and abuse of the tax credit system stifled the blossoming solar industry. Without incentives to entice consumers, we had to survive by providing what any successful business does, treating customers fairly and honestly, selling and installing quality equipment and standing behind our work after the sale. Eclipse Solar Inc. was founded on the belief that solar works, it displaces the use of fossil fuels and is good for the planet. What you will find  when dealing with us, is that we take a common sense approach to your heating needs and make recommendations that will help you meet that goal. If you are unrealistic, we will let you know. We will not sell you something that doesn't work !! Integrity is more important than a paycheck; that's the difference you will see with Eclipse Solar. Bottom line is that we sell simple, low maintenance, long lasting solar appliances that do the job. What we have discovered in 27 yrs. of servicing all brands of solar equipment is what works, what doesn't, and what to expect.
 With the new federal tax credits and state incentives, we are seeing a multitude of new solar companies springing up. We are seeing systems and equipment that are overly complicated, expensive, high maintenance and not suited to our sub-tropical climate. These companies can only survive if the tax credits continue. We have been through this before, the same things happened in the 80's and we are still here. We only ask is that you give us the opportunity to show you the most cost effective way to meet your energy goals and also to feel good about going green.

Tim Gomber / Doug Martin
Eclipse Solar Inc.
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